Grishko Triumph Pro Pointe Shoe

The Pro version of the Triumph is specifically designed for use during stage performances. The Triumph Pro incorporates all of the original features of the Triumph, but with the addition of a noise-reducing strip on the platform and front sole that makes the shoe incredibly quiet on stage. The Pro version is also crafted with a unique latex glue to give the box of the shoe a higher level of elasticity.

Distinguishing Features: A non-slip sole provides extra grip. Superior balance due to a wider platform. New glue allows for exceptional lightness and durability. Advanced shape stability due to a double upper. New set of shanks makes roll-up through demi-pointe easier. Grishko Pro technology noise-reducing strip for quietness on stage. Unique latex glue increases elasticity of the box.

This style is an excellent choice for intermediate to expert performers with wider, square shaped feet and who have a desire to feel closer to the floor.