Pointe Shoe FAQ

Pointe Shoe FAQ

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Why do I need an appointment for a pointe shoe fitting at The Shoe Room?
Here at The Shoe Room, we want to make sure that every dancer goes home with their perfect pair of correctly fitted pointe shoes. Ill-fitting shoes can be very uncomfortable and can cause injury ranging from blisters and black toenails to stress fractures. Fittings with our experienced Pointe Shoe Fitters and Footwear Specialists generally take 20 to 30 minutes, allowing our fitter’s time to properly asses the dancer’s feet and give them time to try on a number of different styles and brands. In order to give everyone a one of a kind experience, we ask you to book an appointment ahead of time to reserve a space. We suggest booking weekend appointments at least two to three weeks in advance of your day desired.

How should new pointe shoes feel?
Remember, pointe shoes aren’t supposed to fit like your street shoes! Your new shoes should feel snug, and there will be some pressure at the end of the shoe but you should be able to wiggle your toes slightly. Pointe shoes shouldn’t feel roomy and they definitely won’t be as comfortable as your other dance shoes. When standing flat or in a demi-plie, your big toe should be pressing against the end of the shoe but should not be curled or pushed back in any way. When en pointe, it is normal for the material at the heel to “bag” slightly. A pointe shoe that fits properly will give gentle support but not prop up the dancer’s foot.

Why can’t I buy pointe shoes a little bit bigger so that I can grow into them?
Simply put, pointe shoes that are too big don’t fit. Pointe shoes are designed to fit very closely with the shape of your foot, making it dangerous to wear a pointe shoe that is too big and that has room for growth. Shoes that are too big can’t provide the necessary support for the foot and may cause calluses, bruises to joints, and even injuries to ankles and toe-joints by letting the foot move about inside the shoe.

How do I know when it is time for a new pair?
Sadly, pointe shoes don’t last forever. For professional dancers, pointe shoes last between 10-20 hours! Since most pointe shoes are made of natural materials, they break down over time. While this should not occur too quickly for young dancers, it is nevertheless a part of the process of wearing pointe shoes. Unfortunately for beginners, it is normal to grow out of a shoe before it wears out. Pointe shoes mould to the foot quickly and break down when they are moist, which is why airing them out after class is so important. Once you feel the shoe is no longer providing the necessary support - you are going too far over en pointe and you can feel the ground through your shoes - then it is time to purchase a new pair.

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