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Virtual Pointe Shoe Fitting

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Our "Virtual Fitting" system allows for long distance pointe shoe fittings. Our expert fitters will work with any dance student who does not have access to our boutique in Toronto to provide the same excellent fitting and customer service. It is always our goal to find the best shoe for each foot we fit.

Please download the Virtual Fitting Form, print and complete the form.

If you would like to conduct a Virtual Group Fitting, please contact us at the boutique at 416-964-5100 for more instructions. 

Attaching photos of your feet are a big help. If you have access to a digital camera or a cell phone camera, please take pictures of your feet – one looking down at the top of the feet standing flat, and the other looking at the inner profile, fully pointed (see examples).  This helps us get to know your feet – as if you were here in the store. 

  virtual pointe shoe fitting picturevirtual pointe shoe fitting pic - tendu to secondevirtual pointe shoe fitting pic - demi pointevirtual pointe shoe fitting pic turned out

We ask that you mail or email the Virtual Fitting form to our store, as faxing can distort the image and change the size of your foot tracings. 

Mailing Address
The Shoe Room
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If you have any questions please call us
1-800-387-0785 or 416-964-5100
or email us