Grishko Exam Demi Pointe Shoes

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The EXAM demi-pointe shoes are made especially for beginners. They are strongly recommended for use in preparation for pointe work to strengthen feet and ankles and to get the foot used to working in a confined space of a pointe shoe box. They are of course also used in some exams. These shoes have a medium vamp and a soft box which provide no pressure on the forefoot. The medium toe platform provides perfect balance and placement. The model has no shank and is not recommended to work on pointe. This model is based on the«Grishko-2007» last. This model is made with soft inner sole and especially developed lowered box that helps to prepare inexperienced dancers for pointe work by strengthening the foot and exercising balance due to the thicker sole. It also helps to get used to working in a confined space of a pointe shoes.