Grishko NeoPointe Pointe Shoe

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NeoPointe epitomizes softness inside and out. This uniquely soft pointe shoe model has the most pliable shank ever, featuring our FLEX technology combined with our Easy Roll-Through technology. The box has been shortened to 2/3 length, allowing the shoe to offer unsurpassed comfort during roll-through from demi-pointe to an en pointe position.

Our incredibly soft microfiber lining and new extra special padding within the box add additional comfort and minimize toe pressure. By using our Miracle glue in the box and wings, the shoe adapts to the dancer’s feet, allowing consistent support in the metatarsal area yet staying flexible at the same time for a greater variety of movements. The adaptable crown and streamlined cut make this model a wonderful choice for dancers of all levels.

• Soft detail in the box and soft microfiber lining
• Pliable Shank
• 2/3 box
• Streamlined fit
• Adaptable crown
• Elastic drawstring
• Lower heel

Platform: Wide
Vamp: Soft V, Medium
Sole: Machine-stitched
Wings: High