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buy Rhythm & Shoes Volume I by Nina Pinzarrone

Nina Pinzarrone

Rhythm & Shoes Volume I by Nina Pinzarrone CD

This lively two volume collection includes examples of 39 different dance/musical forms plus a selection of jazzy favourites. Each disc contains a complete professional level ballet class. Some of the dance forms such as the Waltz have multiple examples to illustrate the Spanish, Viennese, Grand Allegro and lyrical varieties. This set is designed to give variety to the ballet class as well as act as a teaching tool in preparing students for exams and performing. There is something for everyone from elegant Minuets to Latin melodies to I Got Rhythm and Summertime and from Bach and Handel to Cole Porter and Gershwin. The dance/musical forms included are 1. Barcarolle, 2. Beguine, 3. Berceuse, 4. Bolero, 5. Bossa Nova, 6. Can Can, 7. Czardas, 8. Ecossaise, 9. Furiant, 10. Gallop, 11. Gavotte, 12. Gigue, 13. Habanera, 14. Hornpipe, 15. Jig, 16. Jota, 17. Landler, 18. Mambo, 19. March, 20. Mazurka, 21. Minuet, 22. Nocturne, 23. Paso Doble, 24. Passepied, 25. Pavane, 26. Polka, 27. Polka-Mazurka, 28. Polonaise, 29. Ragtime, 30. Reel, 31. Rigaudon, 32. Rumba, 33. Saltarello, 34. Samba, 35. Sarabande, 36. Schottische, 37. Tango, 38. Tarantella and 39. Waltz.